April, 2007

<|> & >|< vs. OPEN & CLOSE

and >|< are two universally recognized symbols except for those who have never set foot in an elevator. They are brilliant and simple symbols used instead of the words “Open” and “Close”. Elevators manufacturers cut down on translation costs and the world gets a simple universal symbols. That may be true but I noticed that […]

North is clean, South is dirty

Forbes published the list of World’s Cleanest Cities yesterday. #1. The key conclusion is that North is Clean, South is Dirty. Only 1 country (New Zealand) south of equator; Well, no kudos to India or china just because they are not down below. They are still dirty. #2. Only 1 country from the whole of […]

How Bala got rich!

Yes, I don’t need to work anymore thanks to Mr. Nelson Makala. You have to love him. If there are enough people like him, the world will be a rich place today. For those of you unfortunate souls who weren’t reached by Mr.Nelson Makala, he is from South Africa who is going to send me […]

Multitasking Madness

I feel like I multi-task too much. Maybe its because I sit in front of my laptop a lot. When I had no computer, I was free. When I had a desktop I was tied to desktop but then I owned the rest of the day. When I got laptop, I am a 24×7 slave! […]

fact is that I didn’t build it and I didn’t pay for it

“.. fact is that I didn’t build it and I didn’t pay for it.. “ I wish every politician worth the salt can remember this. That’s a clip from a quote of Fred Thompson. My respect for him doubled immediately but I am jumping the gun. First the background. I am a great fan of […]

Bedazzled Wedding!

Elizabeth Hurley – Arun Nayar’s wedding has the longest hangover. Few days ago, there was controversy about Arun Nayar’s father disowning his son for allegedly humiliating behavior. He went on to blame her for goading his son. Now, a resident of the desert city Jodhpur where the Indian style wedding took place has sued them […]

How do you live online?

I live shabbily. Very shabbily Well, spring cleaning is coming up..


This incident caught my eye yesterday. Its nothing new but nothing ordinary. I thought it must be some cold-blooded murderer and a poor victim. Happens once a while, note to self: be careful with strangers, move on. Today I opened the newspaper and there was a picture of this murderer and it shocked me. I […]

Water Water..

The next couple of posts will seem like personal antics but India doesn’t disappoint you in these things. Its summer here and its HOT! (I screamed there). To put it in perspective– summer just started, it has not even reached its peak – I am in Bangalore – one of the pleasant places in the […]