Bedazzled Wedding!

Elizabeth Hurley – Arun Nayar’s wedding has the longest hangover. Few days ago, there was controversy about Arun Nayar’s father disowning his son for allegedly humiliating behavior. He went on to blame her for goading his son. Now, a resident of the desert city Jodhpur where the Indian style wedding took place has sued them for insulting Hindu tradition. He goes on with a credible list of things not followed per Hindu tradition.

I am not sure why the wedding happened in the first place. In my opinion it wasn’t a wedding but a theme party – a “Hindu Wedding Theme Party”. That’s all it was. With all the drama associated with Indian weddings of people getting insulted, show-offs, extravagance , pampering of egos etc.,

The smartest thing about Hurley wedding is that she had someone else pay for it. The dumbest thing about it is that she called it a wedding. If history is any good indicator of how long celebrity weddings last, I am betting that Liz Hurley will still be justifying her wedding actions long after her divorce :-)

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