fact is that I didn’t build it and I didn’t pay for it

“.. fact is that I didn’t build it and I didn’t pay for it.. “

I wish every politician worth the salt can remember this.

That’s a clip from a quote of Fred Thompson. My respect for him doubled immediately but I am jumping the gun. First the background.

I am a great fan of Law & Order and Meena can vouch for it ;-). I can watch it any time of the day or night (and its always on some channel or the other). Fred Thompson acts as a DA in it. That’s the popular known fact. But the lesser known fact is that he held 8 years in Senate. I didn’t know that. Hmm. Senator on the TV show.. Interesting.

Today I was even more surprised about him when I read that he requested to withdraw a bill to rename US Highway 43 after him (click link to read the letter). He wants the highway’s name to remain the same “U.S. Highway 43”. In today’s cut-the-ribbon happy politicians who would want anything and everything to be named after them, this act is a breath of fresh air.

There may be political motivation behind Fred’s move particularly since it is rumored that he may run for president but nevertheless I appreciate his act.

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