How Bala got rich!

Yes, I don’t need to work anymore thanks to Mr. Nelson Makala.

You have to love him. If there are enough people like him, the world will be a rich place today. For those of you unfortunate souls who weren’t reached by Mr.Nelson Makala, he is from South Africa who is going to send me $14 Mil USD to save this money from being confiscated by mean South African Govt. How clever of him to think of this a) timely enough and b) to think of me to hold this under “trust”. Well, actually I get to keep only 25% of this amount but then hey I am still richer than you! $3Mil is less than my greed point but after reading Mr.Makala’s email, I couldn’t help but oblige.

Mr.Makala is not the only generous one in South Africa. I received another email a while ago that I won a $1.2 Mil South African lottery thanks to Mrs. Elizabeth Von Willoch.

I can’t believe I am twice lucky. I didn’t hear from Mrs. Elizabeth after that email but maybe she is busy wiring that money into my account.

I am sure Mr. Makala has more from where this $14mil came from. You could be as lucky as me. Watch out for emails from the African continent. Sometimes Mr. Makala uses different names in his emails. Sometimes he may mention different bank name. Sometimes it is Nigeria. Now, don’t let that make you suspect his good gesture. He is trying to protect you from the oppressive government there.

If you haven’t received this lucky email, you may be using a bad email provider. Shift to Yahoo email and soon your inbox will be full of these wonderful offers. A while ago I stopped getting these offers and I was wondering that Yahoo might have put an effective spam filter by mistake. But then I was wrong, Yahoo started sending them back to me. If you don’t believe me, see how many such great offers are sitting in my email box
Now hurry.. you can get rich too. As for me, I am waiting to hear from Mr. Makala’s wire transfer while my travel agent is busy booking my Bahamas trip!

PS: While the above satire may be funny to most of the internet literate folks, this joke becomes apparent a little too late for many others who take internet and emails too seriously. This is an age-old scam and a serious crime and menace. Help fight this scam. I am quite disappointed with Yahoo mail spam filters for not recognizing this 20th century joke even today. I have moved to Gmail which does a decent job so far. I wouldn’t check my yahoo if not for a few friends who send me email to that account even today. See below links for more info on this fraud.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clucking Bell! and I thought you were a very busy man >:(
    ps: I would have overtaken Mr.William Gates long time ago if I had taken up such fabulous offers which I received right from my good ol’ Mozambique days
    ps2: pls delete all the spam and get back to work!
    ps3: planning a short Bangalore trip medio may07 but will discuss that later on d1893

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