Multitasking Madness

I feel like I multi-task too much. Maybe its because I sit in front of my laptop a lot. When I had no computer, I was free. When I had a desktop I was tied to desktop but then I owned the rest of the day. When I got laptop, I am a 24×7 slave!

I am a slave to my laptop and two buttons control my life “Alt-Tab”

Its a shameless confession but that’s the reality. I spend more time these days with my laptop than I do with my wife, two kids, parents and friends put together (man, that statement sounded like I am having an affair :-))

Today I wasn’t feeling particularly well. A lot of stress at work and the looming tax deadline has me working till 4 in the morning for the past week. And sitting at my laptop my mind is going awry. I started seeing different browser windows merge.

This is how it happened..

First I was reading CNN article on Don Imus’ uproar going on

While I was reading, I remembered to check up on stock option sale I did in 2006, and how it is accounted. So, googled for it and read up on that. That’s when I started seeing things merge.

Now, the task bar on the right hand corner of laptop came up and intimated that I have a new email. But then I saw this image and I knew something was going on.

While reading the email I saw my brother-in-law available on gmail so fired up a chat with him.

he mentioned about an email he sent me on yahoo. So, opened up yahoo mail

In Yahoo, this blog post caught my attention. Clicked and saw it. ScreenHunter_104

By now, all the multi-tasking threads in my head is completely jumbled up. I don’t know what I am doing.. Gotta take a break.

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