This incident caught my eye yesterday. Its nothing new but nothing ordinary. I thought it must be some cold-blooded murderer and a poor victim. Happens once a while, note to self: be careful with strangers, move on.

Today I opened the newspaper and there was a picture of this murderer and it shocked me.

I know this murderer!

I still have goosebumps thinking about it. My company nineMotion shares an office space with another company here in Bangalore and I visit that work place few times a week. This guy was an “office boy” who used to serve coffee and do sundry jobs. Very young kid, must be in late teens or early twenties. One of the best mannered and well behaved. I thought he had good potential if he had better education. As with any security services & blue collar temp jobs in India, the “office boys” and security personnel are constantly shuffled (and for a very good reason). And that’s what happened. One day a new office boy turned up and that’s the last I saw of this guy.

Now, suddenly the cold-blooded murderer visual changed to something familiar in my mind. I am conflicted about this incident because there is a contradiction of my mental image of him and what he did now.

Why did he do it?

I will not know the answer and I am not sure if I ever will understand it. But this raises concerns about the current times. I grew up when the world was innocent, my mom wouldn’t worry about letting me play on the streets. I would go out in the evening, play for hours before coming back home. No one at home would know where I was but they were not worried about my safety. But today, I can’t let my kids out of my sight. Risks our children and we are exposed to in today’s world is very high.

In India another reason which is aggravating this situation is the ever increasing wealth divide.

I feel sad for this state. We took a wrong turn somewhere. This may be a random event but the trend is not.

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