May, 2007

How far would you go?

The severely skewed demand supply gap in favor of employees in knowledge economy has ushered a whole new meaning to employee retention in the knowledge economy. There is no “knowledge” or “sense” in the video but I am sure it will make one helluva movie. Very funny.

Bitter After Taste

This CNN story struck a lamenting chord. Mom of a war-hero lost her cause, her belief, her purpose, family, money and health. She must be feeling very bitter. Some of the things she mentioned is so right not just about USA but about whole world today. Good Riddance Attention Whore There is no doubt she […]

Tanav, a fish and the sea!

In my proud-dad series, this is yet another highlight. Tanav has shown remarkable improvement in the past 10 weeks and we are amazed every day. Yesterday, he drew a face and a fish and the sea all by himself. Thanks to Meena for coaching him on it past 4 days. And big thanks to Bones […]

Life unplugged part 1 of 3: Who killed desk phone?

The day is not far when we will not need a work number (definitely) and home number (probably). This is not a revelation – I am sure all of us speculated about this or at least pondered this scenario. As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting in a software company developing my […]

Other end of the stick..

Thought for the day! I found this quote quite amusing and though provoking If You Pick one End of the Stick, Then you indirectly Pick the Other End! Fascinating quote. Wonder whose is it. PS: But I still like my end 😉 PPS: I found this quote at the most unexpected place. We use a […]