July, 2007

Tanav’s Alphabets

Tanav surprised me and Meena today with his alphabet writing. We knew he could write a few but mostly he wants us to do dotted pictures of the alphabet and he traces it out. Today morning to our wild surprise he was dishing out alphabets on paper He does mirror images of letters. It has […]

Guy Kawasaki’s interview with Moira Gunn

Brilliant interview by Guy Kawasaki with Moira Gunn on her new book “Welcome to Biotech Nation“. Some facts are shocking and others very close to my heart. Moira is very articulate and does a great job of explaining “Biotech” and how it relates to us today. Some excerpts of the interview: It was shocking to […]


I have diabetes since 2001. Before I was diagnosed I never knew much about it except that everyone keeps telling their grand parents who have it to not add sugar in their coffee or not eat sweets. Well, I wasn’t a grand father so I was puzzled as to why I became diabetic just when […]

Biiiiig Task or Internet?

I could totally empathize with this. Infact the tiny dude in this cartoon is me!!Dave Walker is a genius! Blogged with Flock

I think…

I use the words “I think” a lot – both when I speak and more so when I write. When I look back at my writing, I say “I think” just to avoid conflict – as though the opinion is just mine and if the listener/reader doesn’t approve of it, its ok too since what […]

My niece’s computer art..

Swarna is my cute little 7 yrs old niece. She did this amazing painting on my computer. A full moon night with shooting stars and lots of other stars filling the night sky. She made three “secret” wishes.

Adobe Wall

via Brad Feld’s post on Interacting with the wall: There was a time I immaturely thought that branding and advertising is dead in this world of p2p democratized global village – where everyone can reach anyone, everyone can get specifically anything they want. But what ensued is chaos. Very soon there were more websites than […]

A long way gone – Book review

A long way gone is the real life story of a boy soldier Ishmael Beah in Sierra Leone – how he lost his parents, his brothers, his village, dignity and everything that mattered but still came through. Very moving story. No book has ever touched me so deeply. For some time I wondered why until […]

Haiku (2)

Some more haikus silencefootstepssilence out of the mouthyour wordslies there a thoughtenters the blank minda virgin lost cold howling windsfluttering clothescan they get free?


Haiku bug has bitten me few days ago. I furiously wrote a dozen haikus. The best part of the first set I wrote was that all it takes is three short lines – less than 17 syllables. However, very soon realization hit me that it was just useless attempt at mastering this subtle yet direct […]