Guy Kawasaki’s interview with Moira Gunn

Brilliant interview by Guy Kawasaki with Moira Gunn on her new book “Welcome to Biotech Nation“. Some facts are shocking and others very close to my heart. Moira is very articulate and does a great job of explaining “Biotech” and how it relates to us today. Some excerpts of the interview:

  • It was shocking to know US’s innocent-until-proven-guilty approach to gen-mod products
“…Dan (Quayle) and the boys chewed on that for a bit, and then they came up with the idea that genetically-modified foods were safe if there was no scientific evidence to the contrary…”
  • On why we don’t see “Genetically Modified” on food labels
“..When the food labels were legislated, genetically-modified foods weren’t approved for human consumption. Our food labels tell us everything else in the world about what we’re ingesting, but we don’t know if the food has been grown from genetically-modified seeds…”
  • On corn as food-or-ethanol debate she clears it up saying food is only a small part of the corn but ethanol uses even the stalk and the stem
“..There is an emergent ethanol process that has been developed which also uses the stalk and other “cellulosic” parts of the plant, as opposed to the kernels of corn..”
  • On presidential’s stem cells dying, it was a eye opener to me about how stem cells change and the word “dying” is a synonym of “it-can’t-be-used-anymore-because-it-changed”
“..So, it’s not that the stem cells die, but rather that the stem cell line is producing cells which are no longer identical to the stem cell it started with. To say that the Presidential stem cell lines are “dying” can seem misleading to people who don’t understand the science, but still, it’s a very important concept…”
“..what I learned about diabetes was the real eye-opener. First of all, one out of six people worldwide are either pre-diabetic or diabetic—and over half don’t even know it..”

Overall, a great interview worth reading. I am going to get Moira Gunn’s book.

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