August, 2007

Distracted SUN

Via SUN’s blog This has got to be the stupidest move that it doesn’t surprise you. Sun Microsystems is changing its ticker symbol from SUNW to JAVA. Big deal you may say but its so much of distraction. Sun’s CEO Jonathan’s enthusiasm and self-congratulatory explanation for this move just baffles me. No wonder there are […]

CD dies young

Compact Disc turned 25 this august. It remarkable path to fame is also witnessed by its rapid obsolescense by the new kids on the block like ipods, file-sharing, bittorrents. It has served us well in its time and has ushered in the true digital age. Death of the CD is easy to understand because you […]

World’s worst bandit

This isn’t funny but couldn’t help laughing my guts out. His name is Kazee but I suspect there is a “r” missing in it because he is the craziest bandit I have seen. Blogged with Flock

Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera (This country of yours..)

Today India enters 60th year of Independence. As an Indian I can’t helpponder on my life, my connection with my country (and getsentimental). After 8 years I am in India on the Independence day. WhenI watch school buses with tri-color flag it reminds me of my schooldays when we prepare speeches, competition, singing and games. […]

Rejected haiku

My haiku is not happy happy. It got rejected by tinywords hot summer sunsquinting eyereflection from cold coke tin Can someone enlighten me what’s wrong with this and how I can improve? Blogged with Flock

Thousand lives

The saying goes that some live one life during their lifetime while others live thousand lives. What does living thousand lives mean?. Its not cloning yourself obviously. But when I look around, I can identify people who lived thousand lives. Here’s how I identify them 1. They are happy with their life (contentment)2. They do […]