April, 2008

Safe distance?!

Buses in Bangalore are not known for their safety (you are ok if you are in them) particularly to people driving near it or standing near where it goes. This warning to “Keep Distance 5ft” is probably one of the reason! I want to meet the engineer who figured out that keeping 5ft away from […]

finger olympics!

Once a while, gmail’s web alerts bar on the top of the page throws surprisingly interesting things. TypeRacer – a game for Orkut was one such thing. I don’t use Orkut but you can play it standalone without Orkut too. It was particularly interesting because it appeared when my brain was fried. Typeracer is an […]


After a long time, by chance I watched a touching movie : Radio (Cuba Gooding Jr., Ed Harris). This one touched me because Radio (the protagonist) seem to have Autism. He is called “Radio” because of his fascination with Radios. The movie doesn’t talk about Autism – they don’t even mention what disorder Radio has […]

connectivity out!

It has happened to me again. Few months ago, I ranted about connectivity issues with Reliance Wimax BroadBand connection. It was insufferable and moved to Tata Indicom Wimax Broadband. What was I thinking? It worked OK for some time but then the same issues cropped up again. What was becoming stressful is the lack of […]