May, 2008

Oh digital life!

Via Feld’s blog. He talks about why he started blogging I massively underestimated the value of this to me. When I reflect on the last four years of my blogging, it’s been one of the most interesting, enlightening, stimulating, and – ultimately – rewarding things that I’ve done professionally. It’s resulted in new investments, new […]

Bangalore gets its spanking new airport

Bangalore got its new airport on saturday. There’s much furore about the connectivity issues but I think it’ll all get sorted out pretty soon. We should not underestimate our ability to getting used to new things. Hiccups are bound to be there for sometime but I think the connectivity issue is over done. There is […]

Now you have it.. now you don’t!

If you want to delight your customers, you underpromise & overdeliver. The other way, unfortunately, doesn’t work. Doesn’t work no matter how hard you try. The pity is companies try doing the other way. I don’t know if it is the lack of attention to detail but whichever way I look at it, its unacceptable. […]

Summer of discontent

Summer is very stressful for parents. With the hyperactive kids jumping on the beds and their insatiable appetite for destruction, summer heat is the least of parents’ concern. When I grew up, I used to while away solid 2 months doing.. nothing. The only luxury is that we can do whatever we want – but […]

Home Decoration Ideas

I wish I knew about this website when we were re-modelling our house. But if you are doing it now, you’ll thank me. This website has hundreds of pictures and ideas for your dream home! Go to GetDecorating website to drool!

Your Reality & Your Beliefs

Lately I am coming across amazing survival stories. Maybe because of my current mind set? Some of them are quite interesting. They all answer the following question. When no one believes you and you don’t have much to believe yourself, all signs tell you that its got little chance, what keeps you going?. Story 1: […]

Knowing your strength

Seth Godin has summarized best in his post ..if you obsess about doing the thing you are great at and let the mediocre stuff go, you’ll do far better.. In his post he gives the example of NY Times struggling to find relevance in today’s “all news, all the time & from anywhere” world. But […]

Polyglot Peddler

Recently back from a scorching Goa vacation. We came back really burnt – the summer is hot there and it takes all of 10 steps to completely sweat your T-shirt. If you think acclimatization would make it any bit bearable I don’t think so. Even the locals were sweating it out. Besides the overworked sweat […]