June, 2008

Art on Nature

People express their feelings in many ways via many media. Indians find public property irresistible to express themselves and are truly at their creative best. Here is a clump of bamboo trees in Cubbon Park, Bangalore that has unfortunately become such a medium (see pic below)  

Oprah’s Stanford Commencement Speech

See video of Oprah speaks to Stanford grads class of 08.(video below) Its 30 minutes long and the first 7 minutes is highly skippable – no, seriously, skip it.The good part of the speech starts at 7:00 where she talks about the lessons she has learned in life. That’s when it gets interesting. If you […]

Windows Tip: Pin applications to your Start menu

I am sure you will this a small but useful tip. Picture this: How many times have we fumbled around to find the application we want to start. I spend too much time clicking through “All Programs” in the Start. It is frustrating and irritating. Here’s a simple trick that you can use. Right-Click on […]

Death of innocence

Today when I was preparing for an MBA class that I am teaching here, I was researching on calvin & hobbes and came across this strip rumored to be the last calvin. It poignantly portrays the death of innocence. This moment happens to all of us sometime during our childhood. We don’t realize its significance […]

Generation Disconnected

Just now got off a call with a parent of yet another software professional working in the US. Part of the conversation was spent in asking who I work for and explaining who their son works for. When explaining about his son, he referred to a written note and said “he is a SAP architect […]

You heard me.. but can you listen?

Listening is the most important skill in today’s knowledge driven world. When you are interacting with people around you, listening to them (not just hearing them) is crucial for successful relationships. The common misconception is that listening starts and ends being face to face. Email communications, phone contacts, your non-verbal behavior also send listening signals. […]