July, 2008

Bangalore Blasts!

Bangalore hit by bomb blasts. Its certainly a wake-up call. It makes you stop in your tracks and re-look at things you take for granted – including your safety. When it happens in the city I live and in the neighborhood I am familiar with, it feels surreal. But this is a wake up call […]

Rockin’ Maths

You have to see this.. you really have to see this.. Fantastic rock video from Cornell using blackboard and chalk.(see video below) If you liked this, you’d probably like the food fight video too! via Feld

How to work with customer service in India

I learned a new way of working with customer service here. No, its not anything mean. Its actually literally working with them. But to get to that part you have hear this story first. I have had very bad time previously with broadband connectivity. Airtel DSL was good but when we moved to the new […]