August, 2008

Are you ROW?

With the world’s official work cycle turning into 5 day work week, its time to change that again. In India, 5 day week is still not very common in traditional industries but slowly, things will move in that direction. But now, its changing with the talk of ROWE (see this article) – Results Only Work […]

Popcorn Anthem

Indian Independence Day (Aug 15) is the most important secular celebrations of the country. Previously, my mental associations were school competitions, flag hoisting, parades, speeches, freedom related TV shows. This year I didn’t see / hear any of that. I see huge hoardings of “Freedom Sale” at different malls. I see even bigger hoardings of […]

My own generation disconnected!

I received a lot of private comments on my previous post on Generation Disconnected. Most readers could related to it. Just last week I witnessed my own generation disconnected. I came in touch with a friend of mine – a very good childhood friend who I lost touch with over years. He wasn’t in touch […]