January, 2009

Gone BB gone!

Last weekend, I got rid of my blackberry. There was so much rejoice in the family that Meena even made it as her facebook status. I started getting congratulatory (or bravery! ;-)) messages. I was never a blackberry person before but in the past 4 months I used it, it kind of started ruling my […]


My new year resolution this time is simple: Set goals and strictly follow them! These are not the life time goals. These are concrete goals that I set for the week which is based on my month & quarter and so on. I have learned that once I plan my week, pretty much everything follows […]

New Year Shout Out!

Its the new year and as usual, people go out of their way to reach out and wish friends and family. I like to be wished but when I start getting inundated by standard messages by email and SMS, I start to wonder – what’s the point? I am grateful that the sender thought of […]