My new year resolution this time is simple: Set goals and strictly follow them!

These are not the life time goals. These are concrete goals that I set for the week which is based on my month & quarter and so on. I have learned that once I plan my week, pretty much everything follows that – goal setting, prioritization, what needs to be done (vs. what can be done). With this one resolution, I pretty much handle everything else.

We live in an age of distraction and micro-second attention span. We never get tired of “now” because there is too much going at any moment. If we don’t take charge of it, it pretty much takes charge of us. The only way we can do what we really want is to reject a lot of what comes our way. This happens only if we plan. Otherwise I can spend 8 hours a day at work every day of the week floating around and still be tired at the end of the day with doing nothing.

Let life not just “happen”. Let it be your song.. or your story.. or anything which is purely yours!

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