Gone BB gone!

Last weekend, I got rid of my blackberry. There was so much rejoice in the family that Meena even made it as her facebook status. I started getting congratulatory (or bravery! ;-)) messages.

I was never a blackberry person before but in the past 4 months I used it, it kind of started ruling my life. Like the Camel and the Arab story, what started as a “productivity enhancing” tool became a life pawning tool. I realized slowly that I had only two modes of consciousness – one is when I am speaking to someone and the other is when I am checking my blackberry. I wasn’t listening at all. I was shouting at the world and the world was shouting at me through blackberry.

The problem I realized is that blackberry is non-discriminatory. It opens the flood gates to everyone, all the time. Distinctions of day/night, personal/official, urgent/non-urgent started blurring. Everything is a message craving attention and once you know there is a message, you pretty much end up responding.

Another problem with it is that once people know you have a blackberry, there is an implicit expectation that you see it all the time and you are available all the time.

Could I have been more disciplined? Yes. After all, what’s stopping me from putting it on silent mode in the evenings or even switch it off? Nothing. Believe me, I tried. Doesn’t help.

Does this mean I’ll never use it again? I don’t know the answer. The world certainly is moving towards a “always connected” state and once upon a time emails were optional and were considered intrusive as well. For now, I can get away without the 24×7 connectivity. I don’t know for how long.. But the brief encounter with it has made me worried about my own capability to handle it :-)

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  1. Sahadev says:

    Hey Bala,
    I suffered from BB disease myself. I simply disabled email checking and in fact deleted the only game I played on it(Brick something.. WOW I forgot the name now). Now I am so free from it, sometimes I have to dial my own number to find it. I did not get rid of it though – it is the only phone I have.
    Enjoy Life!!

  2. octa8on says:

    Great post! I think I am getting addicted to my iPod Touch, but it is not as bad as the Blackberry I am sure because I don’t carry it everywhere. Which means one has to be wary of the iPhone.