New Year Shout Out!

Its the new year and as usual, people go out of their way to reach out and wish friends and family.

I like to be wished but when I start getting inundated by standard messages by email and SMS, I start to wonder – what’s the point? I am grateful that the sender thought of me – in the sense that I was on their email address book or phone contact list. But apart from helping phone companies bulk up on SMS revenues, these new year messages do very little in helping people connect better.

Before sending it did they think?

– Is it meaningful to the person reading it?
– Are you personalizing it such that the receiver knows that you have thought of them?
– Is it relevant? are you going beyond just a welcome message? Are you connecting with the person?
– Would your message have better impact if you sent it couple of days before the new year or couple of days after the new year? – instead of getting lost in the crowd?
– Did you consider not sending an email/sms message at all – instead calling them few days after the new year and spending quality time on catching up rather than calling them just to wish and hang up?

Let this new year be that of meaning and thoughtfulness. Let it be that of building and strengthening relationships. It doesn’t matter how often or when you reach out, but it does matter what you do when you reach out.

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