February, 2009

Office 2003 Vs. Office 2007

Powerpoint is the staple food of my work. Not a day goes by without using it. But the past few months have been very annoying because of the incompatibility between “Office 97-2003” and “Office 2007”. While the vast majority still use Office 2003, the cheeky Office 2007 ppt format is incompatible with it. All my […]

Want Vs. Need

It it easy to get confused between “Wants” and “Needs”. I have been confusing them for a long time. Only tightened budgets and crisis help us differentiate between them. It is often surprising how many Wants get passed as Needs. No amount of relentless discrimination prepares you for the amount of things you actually don’t […]

SMB vs. Enterprise

In his interview with Sramana Mitra yesterday, Jason Lemkin – EchoSign CEO made a very interesting observation about enterprise and SMB customers: ..” If you have a product that is 10 times better than anything in the marketplace, you are going to get enterprise customers. There is a person sitting in those enterprises whose job […]