May, 2009

God only knows!

The Hindu Gods baffle me. They are as vulnerable as Greek Gods with their human like frailties such as anger, lust and greed. But somehow, since they are Gods from the very beginning, their vulnerabilities are seen as a divine play. In Tamil, there is a formal word for it too – “Thiruvilayaadal” (literally – […]

Big shoes

Today morning I asked my 3 yr. old what will she do when she grows up. Pat came the reply “I will wear big Dora shoes”. Can’t beat it. Kids have very clear priorities 😉

Telling Time

Like many, time management is a challenge I contend with all the time. The book “80/20 Principle” strongly advocates that time is plenty. Its the use of it that makes it challenging. So, the onus is on me to manage it. If I manage well, then there is plenty to go around. but that’s not […]

Thank you for the speeding ticket!

I was never happy to get a speeding ticket. But on Saturday I thanked the cops for giving me a ticket. In the US you are worried about the violation points and its immediate impact on the insurance premiums. But in India, you are primarily worried about the cop harassment, complicated legal process which eventually […]

Ode to the King of Fruits – Mangoes!

This post is exclusively aimed at taunting all my friends outside India 😉 This is the royal season! The season when you can relish on king of all fruits – Mangoes!One of the things you enjoy in India is the seasonal fruits. Apr-May-Jun is the hottest as well as sumptuous when it comes to the […]