June, 2009

A lesson my 3 yr. old taught me today

I was driving kids to school today. My 3 yr old started doing some funny stuff with her head and it was messing up her hair. I kept telling her repeatedly not to move her head or put it on the seat or do anything funny. But she completely ignored me and kept doing it, […]

Every dad has his day!

And today is the day world over!. Its great to be a dad of two wonderful kids. They make me look very special and young! My kids made a nice poster for me (and I can see mom’s hand in that very grown-up handwriting!. However you also see my daughter’s scribbles and my son writing […]

Tara’s Pictures

My 3 yr old drew these pictures.. Based on what she explained, both are scenes from a park. In the first one on the left hand side, the funny looking character is her brother. The orange color blob is a whale from the pond.  

Nothing is free!

One of the banes of today’s world is that seemingly many things are available for free. – Free email– Free water– Free movies– Free advice– Free coupons– Free rides– Free credit cards– Free food…. and the list goes on. While it is easy to miss the fine print here, we need to realize that nothing […]