November, 2009

Necessary Vs. Sufficient

Your outcomes depend on the interplay of necessary and sufficient. Often, we know what is necessary. But we miss out the sufficiency part. Necessary is only the cover charge, its the hygiene factor, the basic minimum. Hardwork is necessary for success but it is not sufficient. There are other factors – smartness, good education, luck […]

Talking big, thinking small

Our perspective is shaped by our past experience and expectations. A good example is the talk of “International class” airports in India. Almost all metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad) have sunk in major amount of money and infrastructure in building new airports. The vision: Become a hub for South Asia The reality: A big […]

The one in the middle

We always feel comfortable choosing the one in the middle. This behavior is so hard wired, yet so subconscious that if someone were to point it out, you’d deny it. In a restaurant, or when you walk in to a shop, you are tempted first by the low-end product but sooner you move up but […]

Back with a bang!

After a short hiatus, I am back to blogging with a literal bang. Last week Meena had a nasty car accident. Thankfully she was not hurt but the car took a big brunt of a side shear from a tractor. The story is all too familiar. The driver of the tractor was some kid who […]