December, 2009

Product idea: Tracking your kid – all the time..

Tanav is autistic and doesn’t have a sense of where he is. One of his trait is he has no stranger or strange place anxiety. He is very curious so he will run away if something attracts him – like running into somebody’s house or a shop. It makes it difficult for us particularly when […]

Is that a best seller?

Calvin never fails to bring a chuckle & hit us on our heads at the same time. That’s why its my all time favorite (than even Dilbert). Here’s the recent one that I took the liberty of scanning from the newspaper. Its funny when a child mimics our behavior – but how many of us […]

Can you make new friends (after a certain age)?

Is it true that after a certain age we can’t make new friends? Yes. But this answer requires clarification. We don’t lose that gene all of sudden. Sure, we can make new friends, but we don’t try harder. As a student, there are no demands on your time beyond school – so you are like […]


Why is that a person sitting in front of you gets your attention more than a person on the phone? And the person on the phone gets more attention than the person whose email is waiting in your inbox? Its hard to ignore what we see than what we hear. What we hear than what […]