World Autism Day – Whats it worth for you?

April 2nd is world autism day.

Its about the kids who need as much help and smile and support as we can give. However, this time, I would like to take time to thank for all the help we get from everyone around us.

I am humbled by the amount of support and understanding that my friends and family have provided us. Tanav or we never feel different in social and family situations. The best part are the kids. They are so understanding and inclusive.

5 years ago, it was a difficult question we were facing. We were just then coming to terms with autism and didn’t know how to tell others. Luckily we took the right decision to be open about it. However even today many parents struggle with it within the four walls on their own. This not only makes the experience worse for themselves and the child but they also miss out on great opportunity to get help from others.

Autism awareness is increasing. The past 2 years have even seen bollywood movies which helps bring it mainstream. However, much needs to be done to augment support for this. We need political awareness for the needs of autistic kids. We need schools to be able to handle them. We need social acceptance. We need adequate intervention support. There is a lot of misinformation and parents today struggle to help their kids. Therapists are in short supply. There is not much research and training centers. We need more people enter this field. We need help and support for parents to cope with it.

These are structural problems that need to be addressed at policy as well as at social levels.

And these changes won’t happen with you asking for it and supporting for it. We need to go beyond awareness – to action.

How? – volunteer your help with a parent you know who needs it. Or volunteer with a group which helps the cause. Your help is worth more than you think.

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  1. Lalith K Jonnalagadda says:

    Hi Bala,

    I was going through the many blogs that you wrote and was surprised/ moved by the one on "Autism".

    I spent 2 hours with you guys at your place and was playing with Tanav when you and Meena were getting ready and had absolutely NO clue.

    I am also motivated to help and both me and Hema would be glad to support, help in any which way we can.

    Both of us deeply cherish any opportunity to have kids around us.

    Really brave of you both.