Belief is a powerful force and is always underestimated.

We do things because we believe in them.

You can try to convince me of anything but I act only if I believe it. I don’t have to necessarily believe in you. As long as I believe in the thing that you stand for, its  OK.

Unfortunately, we forget about this most basic human drive to our peril.

If you are trying to sell, you’ll probably get a customer for the day.  If you make me believe in what you are doing, you’ve got me for life.

Not just that..

I will move mountains if I believe in something. I will burn with the light within me. I will not take no for an answer for the things I believe in. I will evangelize at every opportunity. I will also create
opportunities where none might have existed.

Now, I will trade one believer to a thousand non-believing customers!

Then why do we go on tracking as though customers are just numbers?

Why do we go about toiling on things we don’t believe in?

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  1. Jaya Kothan says:

    Belief – can move mountains! I strongly believe in this!

    I love the songs – 'I believe I can fly' and Arthur's title song..which says…'Just believe in yourself…that's the place to start'…oh…I so love that song for its lyrics.