January, 2011

Gods must be crazy

My accusation: Gods must be crazy Really. If God existed, he would not let so many wrong things happening today. To begin with, I’d be rich and rolling in some serious dough 😉 But taking a bit of macro view, there are some seriously wrong things going on everyday around us. Talk about corruption, injustice, […]

Brainy resolutions – How to keep your new year resolutions!

I like new year resolutions. Its an once-a-year chance to wipe off all the baggage and start fresh. But most of us struggle to keep them. A friend said “My last year resolutions look shiny and new, I hardly used them!”. Most resolutions relate to health, wealth and family. The common theme being happiness. We […]

How to kill bad days!

It doesn’t bore well to start the new year with a post on bad days. But bad days are as much a part of us as good days. Why do bad days exist?The fact is.. “bad days” don’t exist. They exist only for us. Take any bad day and you’ll find someone, somewhere having a […]