Gods must be crazy

My accusation: Gods must be crazy


If God existed, he would not let so many wrong things happening today. To begin with, I’d be rich and rolling in some serious dough 😉 But taking a bit of macro view, there are some seriously wrong things going on everyday around us. Talk about corruption, injustice, misuse of power, money stashing and murders. There is no recession in sight for those involved in these not-exactly-good-repute fields. But are we skeptical about God or his powers? On the other contrary, we throng to temples in even bigger numbers. Its interesting to note that those who are amassing money in any color other than white or those who bump people off as a profession are turning even bigger believers of God. They are chopper landing at the most prestigious (and the richest) temples and donate loads of money and gold and announce even bigger charity as part of their cleanse-your-soul-with-money effort.

God must certainly be happy with how things are working out for him because the bullies are getting bullier, the scamsters are getting even more scammier, and the murderers are on overtime. The temple vaults with overflowing coffers put swiss bank to shame.

A decade ago I’d have thought that the idea of offering (bribing) Gods for petty things like getting good grades, or a promotion or winning lottery would be seen as suspending reality. But I am wrong. We are turning into religious zealots. Consider this – countries are at war over religious beliefs, someone is burning bible while somebody else is burning Quran. People are thronging temples to ask God to bless them on everything from wealth, love, power – nothing is trivial.

Why did we degenerate?

Just last week 100+ devotees were killed in a stampede at one of the popular temple destination in India. Why? because the temple authorities didn’t give a damn about security. I don’t think this will get fixed because the finger pointing game (in India) is a mastered art. The “buck stops here” doesn’t work because you’d first have to find the buck. Good luck! So, 100 devotees returning fresh from the temple after witnessing one of the holiest moment died in a ridiculous stampede. This is not the first – there have been scores of such incidents in India and outside as well.

The irony is I can understand if I die on my way back from murdering someone but how can I die when I am returning just after getting a blessing? Worse, a corrupt person cuts a underhand deal, comes back in a plush european car, stashes his ill-gotten money, sleeps in a bungalow, gets into his chopper next day, goes to the temple, jumps the line, gets special treatment, donates couple of millions and goes back to his (now) well deserving lifestyle. And these 100 people who were crushed alive were walking back bare foot in the dark through a narrow mud path to go back to their modest lives.

Hinduism handles this irony quite well. Its called karma which gets accumulated like casino chips over multiple lifetimes. So, you got a raw deal in this life? guess your bad karma chips from the previous life is catching up with you. This is a clever way of explaining our mistakes away. Its not the mistake of the temple authorities, its not the mistake of the police department or even the government to ensure safety of the devotees walking back in the middle of the night with no light to guide them. Its actually the bad karma of those 100 guys and God chose to stick it up to them exactly when they are returning back from the pilgrimage.

Some sense of humor God has! 

God’s rebuttal: You must be out of your mind!

This is God. I guess I should take affront to the above arguments. I never asked you to do stupid things like pilgrimage or donate money or come to me to wash your sins. I never even guaranteed that your Karma is encashable. When I put you on the miserable earth I didn’t commit that you’d get your fair share of luck. You don’t expect fairness in a casino but that didn’t stop you from gambling. You know that house always wins. That’s what life is. If you want to gamble, be my guest but if you lose don’t come running to me. There are morons on earth and there are good guys too but don’t expect me to butt in and help you out. BTW you have been a moron many times. I didn’t bump you off then. Why do you complain now?. If some corrupt idiot comes and donates money I don’t have a say in it. Neither did I ask him to.

You come to me because you want to.
Because you are guilty, because you want to confess, because you want to amend, because you feel grateful, because you feel joy.

Do you see that the operating word above is “you”. Its not me. I don’t get anything out of it. I’d rather be left out of this scheme. But you drag me. You want me to interfere and “set things right” when things don’t go right for you but you want me to stay away when they go right for you. If you are wronged, only you are wronged. Do you know how many others plead on the same day to not interfere? And BT, on the days you felt that everything is perfect, there are others who cry to me to fix it. What should I fix and what should I not?

You have no idea how complex my job is. Its thankless. You give me credit on some days and accuse me on other according to your convenience. You use me as your cause to push your own selfish agenda. I created life that’s equal to everyone. Equally fair and equally unfair. You are dealt cards and you play your game as best as you can. That’s it. The cards that’s handed to you is not in your control but how you play your game is in your control. Don’t fret on the cards. Focus on your game.

Feel free to use me. I am an equal opportunity guy. Just don’t expect me to fix it all for you. You have to do it for yourself.

Peace out!

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  1. octa8on says:

    Interesting post! Atheism has its merits afterall!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Atma is invisible – not an electron no traces to track it.
    There is no ' I' or 'YOU' to attribute it or to perform. Then why all this happening ! All this is MIDHYA – my writing /your reading also so the world goes on – Dont expect any possible interpretation except Poorva Janma Sukrutam ! a myth Namaste !
    That is what I think – Myth

  3. Prakash says:

    One of best blog/post I read recently.

  4. Ram says:

    Karma accumulating like casino chips? Lol! And God an equal opportunity guy.. that's an interesting argument to make! Nice post.