4 things for today’s world

As everyday, I got an email from a startup which claimed to change the way I get “informed” of the world. And when I clicked on it, again as usual, I got confused and underwhelmed. Its yet another portal trying to get my eye ball. Deja Vu. The whole world and my neighbor’s dog is trying to overlord my “way of getting informed”. Sounds so dotcom 1.0 with a social twist. I am sure there are good intentions and hard work behind their product and sincerely wish them success. But..

We live in a world where more is not more and better is not better. As prices plummet and the dam of information access burst, we live in a world of deluge – not of scarcity.

And in a world of deluge, clutter is the norm, commoditization creeps up faster, and your efforts gets lost and camouflaged.

And yet, this world is the world of the free and the brave. You are empowered – it takes little to get by, bold is favored, access is easy, the tail of power is so long, that you can pick any niche (make that super-niche) and make it big!

All it takes to make it in this new world is to do four things – but do it everyday..

1. Pay attention to where you pay attention

2. Think different and reject the norm

3. Create meaning – to you, your customers, your stakeholders

4. Relentlessly adapt

Rest should be easy 😉

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