Life lesson #27

Why 27? What about the previous 26? Too many questions.. I chose 27 carefully. After much deliberation. I could have made it #1, then the argument would be if this merits #1. Another argument would be – isn’t it too late to learn life lesson?. I could have made it #100 but it sounded like life was teaching too many lessons to keep count of. Also it would sound bombastic that I’ve figured out so many life’s lesson. A perfect number like 25 or 50 would sound made up. Anything perfect doesn’t have the credibility it deserves.

This life lesson is important to me and it needs that warmth of attention and respect that it deserves. Because, frankly, its my #1. But I’ve decided to label it #27 – inserted into the middle – so it is unique but also blends with all the other numbers out there. Undistinguished but with its own identity. If it grows, it may become more confident and can thrive on the attention and can take kudos as well as hits. But until then, I don’t want to set it up.

So, coming back to the original question. What is the life lesson?. We seem to have digressed.

That digression is the life’s lesson. Much of what we do goes unnoticed but we crave for others attention and we feel frustrated. Life works the other way around. Magic usually happens in the moments when no one notices. Magic usually happens because only one person cares about it – the creator. Magic happens for the creator – not the audience. Acclaim comes because of magic. Acclaim is not the magic.

What is this magic?
– your child
– your art
– your hobby
– your business

Most artists (including parents and entrepreneurs) create not with a grand purpose seeking others approval, but as an expression of their joy, feeling or extended self. When that expression is in nascent stage, anonymity, or popular neglect protects it – so you can focus on that expression being pure – not clouded by critics. Relish the silence, the anonymity, the freedom. There will come a day when it grows confident and stand on its own. It should be ready for the harsh spotlights when it becomes #50 or #100 or (God forbid) #1. But until then, choose #27.

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