Book Review

Sad, Sadder, Saddest

The world doesn’t need another take on the unfortunate incident of Penguin India’s decision to recall and pulp Wendy Doniger’s book “The Hindu – An alternate approach”. My motivation to dwell on this topic is for posterity – to look back at this post few years down and see if I agree with it or […]

The mysterious letter

It is fascinating to see how strong our intuitions fail us. One such example is the survivor bias. Our belief in certain astrologer or certain medicine is mainly because we hear so many people telling us that it works. The fact is, it might be random – but people for whom it doesn’t work don’t […]

Guy Kawasaki’s interview with Moira Gunn

Brilliant interview by Guy Kawasaki with Moira Gunn on her new book “Welcome to Biotech Nation“. Some facts are shocking and others very close to my heart. Moira is very articulate and does a great job of explaining “Biotech” and how it relates to us today. Some excerpts of the interview: It was shocking to […]