Sad, Sadder, Saddest

The world doesn’t need another take on the unfortunate incident of Penguin India’s decision to recall and pulp Wendy Doniger’s book “The Hindu – An alternate approach”. My motivation to dwell on this topic is for posterity – to look back at this post few years down and see if I agree with it or […]

I don’t blame them!

The first thing (invariably) that I get asked when people hear that I worked for Yahoo is : Why did Marissa Mayer stop work from home? Isn’t that stupid? I don’t blame them for asking this question. I am sure if the person making this judgment were to be the CEO, they’d do things differently. […]

Life lesson #27

Why 27? What about the previous 26? Too many questions.. I chose 27 carefully. After much deliberation. I could have made it #1, then the argument would be if this merits #1. Another argument would be – isn’t it too late to learn life lesson?. I could have made it #100 but it sounded like […]

Leadership Signs

An interesting morning. At my place, we drop our kids at the gate till the school bus. About 10 kids go in the same bus to the same school. Most days many parents are around and they ensure that all kids get on the bus. Sometimes (infrequently), I go there to drop my daughter. This […]

The monastery cat

A buddhist teacher was conducting his evening meditation class. A monastery pet cat was roaming around making noise. The teacher asked a student to tie the cat to a pole outside the room for the dura tion of the class. Next day, the intelligent student anticipated cat’s disturbance and tied it to the pole before the […]


What flows freely? Knowledge. Inspiration. Ideas. Creativity. Why? Because that is its nature (quality). This quality/nature is referred in Sanskrit as “Dharma”. Dharma has multiple meanings in different context. The popular meaning given to it is “duty”. But I’d like to focus on the meaning of Dharma as the quality of the effort or thought. […]

Giving up optimism.. but not faith

I am coming back to my blog after more than an year. Apologies for the long pause in my writing (close to abandoning). There are reasons. First, I couldn’t take the (self-imposed) pressure of writing consistently. Writing comes to me in bursts and if I am in front of the computer, I write. I rarely […]

Unfinished Business

Death is always a humbling event. Earlier in the week when I witnessed one, it was weird. I had seen him just a few weeks ago – with his usual smile and sense of humor. He was walking around and talking to us. And now here he was – sleeping. It was very weird. The […]

How to lose 10 customers within 1 hr

Restaurants epitomize service businesses. And service businesses are high touch. You touch customers with what you offer and its personal. That’s why when someone opens a new restaurant and that too in a low traffic area, you need to pay more attention to customer satisfaction. But our recent experience at a new restaurant showed that […]

Gods must be crazy

My accusation: Gods must be crazy Really. If God existed, he would not let so many wrong things happening today. To begin with, I’d be rich and rolling in some serious dough 😉 But taking a bit of macro view, there are some seriously wrong things going on everyday around us. Talk about corruption, injustice, […]