4 things for today’s world

As everyday, I got an email from a startup which claimed to change the way I get “informed” of the world. And when I clicked on it, again as usual, I got confused and underwhelmed. Its yet another portal trying to get my eye ball. Deja Vu. The whole world and my neighbor’s dog is […]


Belief is a powerful force and is always underestimated. We do things because we believe in them. You can try to convince me of anything but I act only if I believe it. I don’t have to necessarily believe in you. As long as I believe in the thing that you stand for, its  OK. […]

What is customer paying for?

For a long time, I drank the coolaid and salivated about how cool my product should be to tempt customers to open their wallets. When it wasn’t working, I got a bit wiser and thought about what problem I am trying to solve. Until I burnt my own fingers (and a lot of money) it […]

The mysterious letter

It is fascinating to see how strong our intuitions fail us. One such example is the survivor bias. Our belief in certain astrologer or certain medicine is mainly because we hear so many people telling us that it works. The fact is, it might be random – but people for whom it doesn’t work don’t […]