China throws it back at US

Today China “surprisingly” uncovered microscopic worms in wooden product packaging and several sub-standard vitamin pills from the US. Hmm.. sounds too much coincidental given US’s recent discovery of poison laced toothpaste from China..wo Blogged with Flock

World’s powerful women

Forbes has listed world’s 100 most powerful women. Some interesting facts from the list: Condi Rice #4, Indra Nooyi #5, Sonia Gandhi #6,  Oprah #21, Queen Elizabeth II #22, Melinda Gates #24, Hillary Clinton #25, Laura Bush #60, Katie Couric #63. The list comprises 66 business execs, 34 govt leaders 7 from China, 1 from […]

Rejected haiku

My haiku is not happy happy. It got rejected by tinywords hot summer sunsquinting eyereflection from cold coke tin Can someone enlighten me what’s wrong with this and how I can improve? Blogged with Flock

North is clean, South is dirty

Forbes published the list of World’s Cleanest Cities yesterday. #1. The key conclusion is that North is Clean, South is Dirty. Only 1 country (New Zealand) south of equator; Well, no kudos to India or china just because they are not down below. They are still dirty. #2. Only 1 country from the whole of […]