I don’t blame them!

The first thing (invariably) that I get asked when people hear that I worked for Yahoo is : Why did Marissa Mayer stop work from home? Isn’t that stupid? I don’t blame them for asking this question. I am sure if the person making this judgment were to be the CEO, they’d do things differently. […]

4 things for today’s world

As everyday, I got an email from a startup which claimed to change the way I get “informed” of the world. And when I clicked on it, again as usual, I got confused and underwhelmed. Its yet another portal trying to get my eye ball. Deja Vu. The whole world and my neighbor’s dog is […]

CD dies young

Compact Disc turned 25 this august. It remarkable path to fame is also witnessed by its rapid obsolescense by the new kids on the block like ipods, file-sharing, bittorrents. It has served us well in its time and has ushered in the true digital age. Death of the CD is easy to understand because you […]