The dark underbelly of Diwali

The season of lights and cheers is always the favorite in India. This is one festival where everyone has a good time. Not to be a party pooper, but Diwali also has a dark underbelly. The whole fireworks industry in India is concentrated in a tiny town called Sivakasi in Tamilnadu. The working condition of […]


Our world view is shaped by what we believe is the truth. Obviously, by the time truth reaches our minds it goes through multiple cultural, social and experiential filters. Most often, what we consider are self evident is distorted. That’s why diverse and rich experience helps. It adds flavors to a simple stereotype. The more […]

Can you live with it?

I need to start with a story before I get to the point so please bear with me here. I recently saw the movie “Flash of Genius” which is based on the life of Dr.Robert Kearns (played by Greg Kinnear). He is a professor and an inventor and his life’s work is the invention of […]

Nobody can stop you!

Summer is stressful for parents who don’t know what to do with their screaming toddlers. It is also stressful for parents whose kids are passing out of colleges. Its career decision time! Engineering? Medical? Which college, which major? – all these options (or lack of it) is very stressful. This year I am acutely feeling […]

The soap called IPL

On Saturday I went to watch IPL cricket match to see Bangalore battle Kolkata. This is my first IPL match at the stadium. My friends did warn me about the commercialization but I was (impressively) taken back by how commercial it was. Most people who came there were looking for pure fun – they cheer […]

Are you in the market?

There are markets in India where you’d find hundreds of vegetable & grocery vendors stacking up their wares in numerous lines. Why? Because its safe. They do it because that’s where customers come automatically. They also do it because they don’t have to advertize or build their brand. Just show up with your goods, find […]

Forming habits

One thing that we all need to do regularly is to form new habits. As we grow and the world changes around us, we need to floss out some of the old habits that might have lived beyond its course and form new ones. There are two challenges we face: shedding old habits and forming […]

The buzz against FB

Google unveiled its answer to FB. To begin with, Google Buzz was too eager to connect me with my Gmail contacts and before I realized people were following me and I was following people. They certainly took some liberty here with their “don’t be evil” mantra. Maybe just for Buzz they relaxed it to “don’t […]

Not music to the ears?

Music industry is hurting where it hurts the most. A music trade body estimates that 95% of the digital music downloads are illegal. They are not bluffing. Global music sales is down 30% in the past 5 years but digital downloads grew by 940% in the same time. So, clearly there is a shift. From […]

Product idea: Tracking your kid – all the time..

Tanav is autistic and doesn’t have a sense of where he is. One of his trait is he has no stranger or strange place anxiety. He is very curious so he will run away if something attracts him – like running into somebody’s house or a shop. It makes it difficult for us particularly when […]